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I started early on with a deep love for animals.  As long as they had four legs and a tail, I was all in.  My horse crazy youth led me to the abundant world of showing stable horses.  While this was satisfying, there was still a deep longing for one of my own.  A long term commitment, a neck to hug, a muzzle to softly touch.  My dream came true with the horse of a lifetime, the longing was over.

Alvaro introduced me to amazing life lessons of serious health conditions and of healing.  He opened my eyes to the importance of nutrition, and to alternate healing modalities such as Distance Healing, Acupressure, Aromatherapy, and Flower Essences to name a few.

In the end he taught me the art of letting go, which was the impetus for my first curious steps into Animal Communication and Energy Healing.  I still ride horses and I share my world with the amazing Stella.  Stella is a 4 year old Australian Cattle Dog mix.

Locally, I work with the dedicated holistic veterinarian, Wendy Robinson DVM to help clients connect with their animals as they work through health issues or end of life concerns. 

I approach my work with an open heart as a curious observer, never knowing what will be revealed.  In finding the animal’s voice and capturing their essence, endless possibilities become available to the animals and their humans. I am honored to be of service. 


I was pleased to work with both domestic and wild animals during my apprenticeship.  Many of my domestic clients are horses, dogs, cats and birds.  I have been known to read an occasional chinchilla and show chicken. 

In the sanctuary world, I shared communication mostly with primates.  I spent numerous visits to the Gibbons Conservation Center in Santa Clarita, CA.  Gibbons are  small, arboreal apes that could easily land a job in the Cirque du Soleil.  

In the Zoo world, I have remotely communicated with primates from the Los Angeles Zoo, including  gorillas and orangutans.  They were fascinating and filled with depth.  I feel fortunate to have the chance to connect with species so familiar.

My most memorable experience with wild animals was in Bimini swimming with wild Atlantic Spotted Dolphins.  They were so entertaining and present.  It was a delightful experience and one never to be missed.  My favorite day, I called the baby parade day.  It seemed as though each mother dolphin swam passed with a baby, pair after pair.  I felt I was smiling as much as they were.


This life we live is a simple exploration.  We know not of it’s duration, only that each day is a new gift to continue the journey.  A fluid turn in my personal journey was the day I first connected with animals.  An entire world opened up to me, I had met my match.

It is my vision to develop and nurture this gift I found on the road to becoming my best self.  My favorite part is the feedback and the smiles from clients who for a moment have a new awareness of their beloved pets.  Whether the animal’s job is in service, protection, or best snuggle partner ever, it is a huge shift to begin to know them as well as you know yourself.

I feel strongly that harmony between pets and their humans is possible and the lessons are beyond counting , like stars at night.  Respect your pet as your guide with their kind and wise words.

Mt. Rose
There is only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is.
— Albert Einstein


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Animals use telepathy to communicate.  Humans use the spoken and written word.  Seems different, but they are actually very compatible.  I studied and practiced telepathy to develop my abilities to communicate with animals.  Telepathy is a form of communication using pictures, words, and/or feelings. I tend to get pictures from animals, so I worked to develop the words and feelings part of my approach to improve as an Animal Communicator.  It is a rich spiritual connection with animals that has deepened my meditation practice to enable me to hear them clearly.  Animal Communication can be done in person or remotely.


On the physical level, it can help with ill health, trauma, infection and even parasite overload.  Considering the mental or emotional level, behavioral variances can be identified and resolved.  When it comes to the end of life transitions, the spiritual level invites us to connect with our pets on deeper level.  The intuitive level promotes the ability to picture each other’s desires and to begin understanding each other’s energy fields.


With many pets coming from previous owners, we do not know their backstory.  Knowing your pet came to you from another person, Animal Communication can help identify influences that can create stress as the animal strives to develop their relationship with you.

One way to resolve behavior problems it to change our energy around the problem.  We can step up and become the emotional leader of our pack, herd or tribe, by focusing on positive outcomes.  Picture what you want, not the problem you are currently experiencing.

Animal Communication can prevent problems by discovering imbalances that may be throwing your pet off center.  These can be nutritional deficiencies, toxic overload, electromagnetic intensity, sound and other things they are more sensitive to.  I like to think of our pets sensitivities as the canary on the coal mine.  What they respond to, could well save us all.

End of life reality.  The circle of life slows down with every being, ourselves included.  Animal Communication can offer ideas when your pet is showing signs of the end of life.  It can be simple ideas like what would they like to do with you before they cross over.  There are some animals who clearly are not ready and want to do it like Frank Sinatra, their own way and time.  There are other pets who have suffered the ravages of a long term illness and are ready to complete their life.  All of these concerns are real and can be explored using Animal Communication.

I am proud to be of service and able to offer Animal Communication sessions with animals that have crossed over.  This seems to be a special area for me to share with pet owners. I welcome your inquiries.



I am available for speaking engagements to groups large and small alike.  I enjoy sharing my deep love for this work and am comfortable speaking in person as well as online presentations.

Please contact me to discuss your unique needs so I can best serve your audience from 4H Clubs to Pet Expos and beyond.




Bioscalar Wave was developed by Dr. Valerie Hunt, Dept. Chair of Kinesiology at UCLA while studying human energy fields or auric fields.  Using human energy fields for healing, the BioScalar Wave process clears chakras, then brings scalar energy surrounding the body inward to create one perfect cell.  This perfect cell is replicated to create health.  This technique can be done in person or remotely.


I am called to use BioScalar Wave to raise the vibration of a sick, injured, or traumatized animal.  I have used it with humans and animals with broken bones, traumatic health events requiring ICU hospitalization, cancer, and general lifting of spirits.  This method is a complement to, not a replacement for veterinary care.

Blue Eyes Cat



EFT is Meridian Tapping combining ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology.  It employs the use of acupressure points around the head and collar bone to release stuck emotions.


I find myself using  EFT to help animals and sometimes their owners to overcome many emotional issues including previous traumas and current dilemmas.  It is often helpful with behavior variances. A few examples are animals exhibiting anxiety, timid behavior, depression, grief and other emotions that seem to block their love for life.


Stress to your animal can be triggered by a past trauma or conditioned learning.  Tapping works by calming the animal and taking them out of fight or flight response.  This response triggers adrenaline, tightens muscles, and turns on their body’s defense systems.  Tapping on the meridian end points deactivates the brain’s alarm while sending a calming response.




This medicine of nature takes effect by treating the individual animal not the disease or symptom.  The Flower Essence works specifically on the emotional condition that prevents healing.  The animal does not have to be physically ill to benefit from the remedies.  The Essences are invaluable in restoring balance before physical symptoms appear.


There are several fundamental conflicts which prevent our animals from being true to themselves.  For example, if your animal exhibits out of balance in the area of fear, uncertainty, loneliness, over-sensitivity, despondency, you may consider this therapy.  Often if one of many animals in the household passes on, the remaining animal is grieving the loss.  Flower Essences can be a wonderful support through the process of loss.  This therapy is a complement to, not a replacement for veterinary care.







If I can help or be of service to you and your animal,  take this moment and book an appointment.       

I look forward to connecting with you.





This is an area where Animal Communication can prove extremely useful to find your lost or stolen animal.  I do not provide this service, however I have researched the following sites below to assist you in finding your lost animal.



I am a firm believer that you are what you eat.  This holds true for animals in my eyes.  Below are a few delicious websites ranging from raw diet, nutritional supplements, to ayurvedic cooking for dogs.



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